Andrew Jones and Steve Snider are the founders and owners of Oakland Venue Management. Snider and Jones met in Oakland, California in late 2002 at the non-profit community arts venue founded by Snider known as the Oakland Box Theater (OBT). Snider co-founded this well respected performance space and gallery in 2001 and operated it until late 2004. This venue, located at 1928 Telegraph Avenue, is recognized as one of the founding arts venues of Oakland’s emerging Uptown Arts and Entertainment District. It is now known as the Uptown Nightclub.

Between 2001 and 2004, OBT hosted over 500 community- based, arts events. Though it is no longer a brick and mortar venue, Oakland Box Theater is still a functioning non-profit organization and Snider and Jones act as President and Vice President of the organization’s Board of Directors.

In 2004, Snider and Jones opened another well known and respected community arts space called 2232 MLK, located on the corner of West Grand Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. From 2004 to 2007, 2232 MLK hosted over 400 community-based, public and private events.

From 2006 to 2009, Snider and Jones grew their business experience and community connections through the operation and management of the 1200 person capacity venue known as Historic Sweet’s Ballroom located at 1933 Broadway also located in Uptown, Oakland. It was during this time when Snider and Jones were operating two ballrooms in Oakland simultaneously that they to formulate their vision for Oakland Venue Management as a company.

During the Sweet’s Ballroom years, Snider and Jones booked and managed over 150 large-scale public and private events in this beautifully restored Art Deco venue. They recognized a growing need within the Oakland community for professionally managed and operated venues for all types of events corporate and non-profit events, community gatherings, conferences and meetings. In late 2007, after working collaboratively for over four years, Snider and Jones decided to create a business partnership and incorporate as Oakland Venue Management.

By 2009, Snider and Jones collectively had over 20 years of venue and event management experience, directly booking and managing well over 1000 events in Uptown, Oakland alone.

In 2009, Snider and Jones, as Oakland Venue Management, leveraged their business experience and their extensive community connections in Oakland and were hired to assist in day-to-day operations of the Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt-Uptown Community Benefit Districts (CBDs). The CBDs, are special assessment districts funded by the property owners within the boundaries of the Districts. The CBDs, as non-profit organizations, provide special benefit services to 55 square blocks of Uptown and Downtown Oakland. In 2012, OVM was awarded the joint District Management contract to oversee the operation and management of these two important community-based projects. Through their role managing the Community Benefit Districts, OVM helps facilitate a functional public/private partnership with the City of Oakland working closely with all city departments from the Mayor’s office to the City Administrator’s Office to the Office of Economic Development to the Cultural Arts and Marketing Department to the Oakland Police Department to the Public Works Agency. OVM is fully engaged with the Oakland community and is dedicated to helping the City of Oakland achieve its’ full potential.

Simultaneous to managing the CBDs, OVM contracted with The Swig Company in April of 2010 to manage all of the special events and meeting facilities within the Kaiser Center located at 300 Lakeside Drive. As of January 2012, OVM contracted with the Catholic Diocese of Oakland to also manage and operated the new Cathedral Event Center at the Cathedral of Christ the Light located at 2121 Harrison Street, immediately next door to the Kaiser Center. OVM also works with Another Planet Entertainment and provides event staff for the Oakland Fox Theater and the Den at The Fox.

Oakland Venue Management provides its employees with an opportunity for personal growth and the possibility to grow with a company that views its employees as family. We will continue our practice of hiring locally and working through employment and educational barriers.

OVM is a company committed to creating a culture of ownership and trust among all of its employees. We recognize that our success as a company must be experienced and shared by all employees. Our success as a company is derived from our team of dedicated individuals working towards a vision that supports the physical health and financial stability of each employee. We will have achieved our goals when the broader impact of Oakland Venue Management’s success as a company is one that dramatically benefits each employee and the city of Oakland as a whole.

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