Placemaking Meets
Venue Management

For the past 20 years, we have created systems to blend these two concepts into all of our projects. It is clear that the success of any venue or event is enhanced when time is taken to thoughtfully engage with the community, when the considerations of all constituents are incorporated into the operations plans, and when the unique characteristics of that community are intentionally woven into the business model. The success of any venue is predicated upon the value it brings to its community; at its core, venue management is deeply tied to placemaking.

We aim to be a local leader in venue and event management services. We offer a model of socially and environmentally conscious practices, while providing the highest levels of customer service. We work daily to achieve our goals of positive community impact through thoughtful community participation and strategic networking.



We have produced nearly 4,000 events over the course of 15 years in Downtown Oakland and we are confident that we can play a critical role in the successful execution of your events. It is our priority to work with all communities so that they have the ability to share their story and enhance their community or business through professionally managed and well-organized events.

We specialize in full-scale production management and treat each event as a unique opportunity to revitalize our community. Our team supports a variety of private, public, and local organizations; small and large-scale venues; and local event producers in achieving their vision.  

Quality Equipment Within Reach

We are your local partner for all your event needs, offering a full-service catalog of party rentals and quality A/V equipment.

Our in-house production team can assist you with all of your technical needs, from event lighting design and equipment rentals to conference technology and live streaming services.